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Sunday 9:30am

Friends in Faith (Co-Ed 40-59)
Led by: Terry & Launa Cooke
Topic: Gospel Project
Location: Education 102

Intergenerational Group (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Frank Kelley
Topic: Gospel Project
Location: CLC Cafeteria

Others First (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Jennifer Jones
Topic: Gospel Project
Location: Education 101

Promise Class (Co-Ed 60+)
Led by: Daryl Freeman
Topic: Revelation
Location: WC 502

Through the Bible (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Pete De Lacy
Topic: Gospel Project
Location: Education 103

Sunday 11:00am

LivingProof Adventures (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Terry and Missy Wooten
Topic: Relational Evangelism
Location: Faith 102

Fellowship (Co-Ed 60+)
Led by: Bobby Marsee
Topic: Gospel Project
Location: Student 600

Knowing God (Co-Ed 50-70) 
Led by: Ginger Easley 
Topic: Harmony of the Gospels
Location: Education 103

Servant’s Class (Co-Ed 60+)
Led by: Nan Dyer
Topic: Gospel Project
Location: Education 101

Sunday 6:00pm

Cornerstone (Co-Ed 55+)
Led by:  Terry and Peggy Jones 
Topic: Ephesians
Time: Every other Sunday
Location: Host Home

Couples (Co-Ed Any)
Led by:  Jonathan & Tara Forester 
Topic: Colossians
Time: 2nd & 4th Sundays
Location: 773 Goodson Circle, Rock Spring, GA 30739

Pursuing Transformation (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Sylvia & Wesley Morgan
Topic: Armor of God
Location: Host Home 

Vanlandingham Group (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Wayne & Janet Vanlandingham 
Topic: Gospel of John
Location: Host Home

WorshipArts (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Nate & Brittany Farris 
Topic: Gospel of John
Location: 51 Jada Lane, Chickamauga, GA 30707



Monday 6:30pm

Spiritual Depression (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Frank Kelley
Topic: Spiritual Depression
Location: Student 600



Tuesday 6:00am

Scrambled Eggs (Men)
Led by: David Hicks
Topic: Acts
Location: Off Campus

Tuesday 9:00am

Generational Discipleship (Women)
Led by: Leslie Dodson & Brenda Eddings
Topic: The Quest
Location: WC 502 

Tuesday 4:30pm

Dorcas Ministry (Any)
Led by: Mary Ann Vanlandingham
Time: First Tuesday of the Month
Location: Education 103

Tuesday 6:30pm

Posse on a Mission (Co-Ed 40-59)
Led by: Ron & Val Baker
Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Location: Education 101



Wednesday 6:30pm

The Gospel of John (Women)
Led by: Lisa Vaughn and Melissa Bonifacius
Topic: Gospel of John
Location: 202 Wilder Road, Chickamauga GA 30707

Fight Club 4 Women (Women)
Led by: Jennifer McSpadden & Tara Forester
Topic: Acts
Location: High School 800

Fight Club (Men)
Led by: Scott McSpadden & Jonathan Forester
Topic: Acts
Location: High School 806

Precept Bible Study (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Pete DeLacy
Topic: Philippians & Colossians
Location: Education 103/104

Well Glory (Co-Ed 55+)
Led by: Kathy Ledford
Topic: Share Jesus Without Fear
Location: Education 102

Women’s Group (Moms 30-40)
Led by: Tracy Morrison
Topic: Prone to Wander
Location: Education 101

Woods & Water (Men)
Led by: Joe Greco
Topic: Romans
Location: WC 502

Young Married (Co-Ed 25-40)
Led by: Frank Kelley
Topic: Gospel Project
Location: WC Rain Room

Men's Bible Study (Men)
Led by: James Morrison
Topic: Gospel of John
Location: Education 106

The Best Us (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Joseph and Tammy Hardin
Topic: The Best Us
Location: High School 801

Better Halves (Co-Ed Any)
Led by: Rob Looney
Topic: Finances
Location: High School 811



Thursday 6:30pm

College & Career 
Led by: Jordan Metzger
Topic: 1 John
Location: 455 Chandler Road, Chickamauga, GA 30707

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